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qnib/elk comes now with kibana4 (alongside kibana3)

Since I was ask on if my qnib/elk image is going to provide kibana4 in the near future I figured it would be worth to blog about it.

The image in question is quite nice for trying the ELK stack out and I take some pride in stating that it's the number 2 image popping up if you search for 'elasticsearch' (and rank by stars). :)


qnib/elk (:kibana4)

For those of you who just want to play around with a ELK-stack in one image I just ~~created a kibana4-version (qnib/elk:kibana4).~~ added kibana4 into the qnib/elk image.

To start is without external images, just fetch the elk docker-compose file and off you go.

$ mkdir -p mystack; cd mystack/
$ curl -Lso docker-compose.yml
$ compose up -d
Creating mystack_elk_1...

Afterwards consul will provide insides on which service is up'n'running... elk_consul

Hello World

Once everything is green the world is open to be explored. :)

First a log message should be pushed, otherwise the logstash index won't be created and there is nothing to look at.

echo HelloWorld | nc -w1 5514 

Kibana3 shows up by reaching out to :8080/kibana/: hello_kibana3

Kibana4 is available underneath :5601. hello_kibana4

But (and that is why I was reluctant so far), somehow it seems to be impossible to preconfigure the settings. Maybe that had changed, but I couldn't find a file based way of doing so.


Enjoy! Even though YMMV... :)