OK guys, since the ELK is quite popular on docker-hub, I was wondering if I could push it one notch further. Turns out I could, please welcome qnib/monster...

git (master) $ git clone https://github.com/ChristianKniep/docker-monster.git
git (master) $ cd docker-monster
docker-monster (master) $ docker-compose up -d
Creating dockermonster_monster_1...
docker-monster (master) $

This bugger includes a complete stack.


It includes:

  • Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana (ELK) Workbench to parse, store and visualise logs
  • Carbon + graphite-api + grafana Framework to store, access and visualise metrics
  • StatsD Metrics proxy to aggregate and buffer metrics, which do not fit into fire&forget
  • diamond, watchpsutil tools fetching metrics of the system.

All you have to do is fetch the repository and fire up docker-compose, like I did above. Alternatively you could build the Image locally and tinker around with it, it builds upon my qnib/logstash(:trunk) image which provides a basic installation of logstash.

I am aware that this is the total opposite of microservices, since I cramp the complete stack in one single container. :)

But - you know - because we can.