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Docker Datacenter in a Box

I've been working for Docker for a month now and it is already a fun ride. I joined just before the DockerConEU announcement two weeks back, that the Docker Enterprise Edition as well as the Docker Community Editions for Desktops (Docker4Mac/Docker4Win) will support Kubernetes in the future.

Doxy: A Docker Socket Proxy

Talking to security engineers I was asked how to secure a docker-socket, so that applications like metrics collector, are only able to access a subset of API endpoints.

When looking into it I was looking into the authorisation plugins already out there, but it as far as I understood them, they are only working on TCP sockets and rely on an SSL certificate providing informations about who is accessing them. Recently I tried to create a plugin using the newest plugin system, but that failed to some extend. The plugin system is currently in a transition to be used within the plugin framework and not be directly started at startup.

To circumvent this and get something to work with, I created a little golang tool, that creates a httputil.ReverseProxy, providing a proxy-socket, checking the request against some regular expressions and forwards granted requests to the docker socket on the behalf of the user.

Meet doxy:

Byfahrer: Terminate SSL for Docker SWARM

I like the idea and prospect of having only the plain Docker stack running, as it provides a nice experience from development to operations (I am talking about you: DevOps!). I can start with a single container, create a set of (unreplicated) services and try to make it work in a distributed setup - all on my little laptop and stay confident that it will work on a cluster as well.

M.E.L.I.G.: Log/Event/Metric Collection within Containers

Yesterdays (ok, late post - at the last) MeetUp was first and foremost about the Container Manifesto, which aims to foster understanding about how to build and run a Container.

Afterwards we figured that I missed 'Containers should start fast (thx Lukasz)' as an additional point - next time. :)

For today I will just put the video in here, a separat blog post might follow - even though I feel it is not that necessary, as no code was executed.