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Consul as a (Docker) Service

After a couple of month being busy, it's time for a blog post about Docker Services.

As I stated often - I became a big fan of Consul for service orchestration, service discovery and as a K/V store in my docker stacks.

Since Docker Engine 1.11 the necessary DNS feature to be able to use a address was somewhat kicked, so I had a hard nut to crack. My workaround was to not care about local resolution and use the consul servers as DNS resource. Anyway...

Consul Ambassador Pattern

Did I mention I love Open-Source software? I do - I really do! :) Using a pull request on Consul, I get closer to a nice setup: github isse

So what I am talking about here? As you readers should already know I use Consul as the backend for my service/node discovery stuff and user related topics.

Consul, the corner stone service to rule them all

I started to write an article about enhancements within my analytics stack (elk/graphite) and got a little bit verbose about consul. Therefore I decided to put it into a seperate article...


I had consul on my list for some time, but it was just recently that I gave it a spin. And I must admit I am hooked. It provides a nice set of functionalities that I need to bootstrap...

Let's give a quick ride by starting two containers: server and client