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If you want to know more about topics written about in this blog, please schedule a free 30min catch-up call with using Calendly - Schedule time with me.

Main Consulting Topics


It should be evident buy the blog post content; I am a big proponent of container-in-HPC in all shapes or forms. I like to slice it up into five segements:

  1. Runtime: How to run the container no matter how it got (schedule) here
  2. Build: How to build and annotate a container so that it can be shared and used to its full potential by the community (or internal)
  3. Orchestrate/Schedule: How to get the get a container to be started on a host. Most likely SLURM or Kubernetes, but why not simple SWARM?
  4. Distribution: How to get the container images distributed (and found) within a company, but also beyond. Spoiler alert: MetaHub helps.
  5. HPC Specifics: A cross segement around MPI, the use of GPU, target-specifics build and much more

non-HPC Container

As much as I love HPC, I worked in non-HPC environments and I am aware that HPC has not taken over everything and never will. Thus, I am happy to help in all container topics even if it is not HPC related.

  • How to leverage better build techniques and practices?
  • How to schedule containers on a host, a set of host or a cluster (single-node, SWARM all the way up to containers)
  • Troubleshooting container behavior? Your container is not doing what you want it to do?
  • ... and whatever you can think off ...


I worked for automotive companies, HPC vendors, a Berlin hipster StartUp, Playstation Now, Docker, AWS (EC2 Spot Specialist SA and Developer Advocate for HPC).
A lot of ground covered and a lot of experiences and failures captured. If you have question about anything else I wrote about (or you think I might be interested in) - please book a slot and let's have a chat.