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ISC2022: 8th Annual High Performance Container Workshop

The High Performance Container Workshop series assembles thought leaders to provide the 'state of containers' and the latest trends since 2015.

For 2022 a submission was done for the 8th Annual High Performance Container Workshop. The last couple of years the workshop is structured as follows:

Instead of having one long sitting, we broke the workshop into three sessions that shared a similar structure:

  1. Firstly, a hand full experts and thought leaders provided their insights and expertise in a short and crisp 5min to 10min lightning talk. This filled the first half (~45min) and went back to back, without time to do Q&A.
  2. Second - and this was really the important and insightful part - all speakers were available for a panel and virtual Q&A.


To get slides about the speaker and affiliations out of the way within the lightning talks we'll give every speaker the oppertunity to introduce himself/herself and their company.

Segment Start Duration Title Speaker Affiliation
Intro 09:00 <10min Workshop / Speaker Introduction Christian Kniep QNIB Solutions


Segment Start Duration Title Speaker Affiliation Slides
Runtime 09:15 <10min OCI Runtime Overview Phil Estes AWS ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/1_runtime/1_1_Estes_ISC-HPCW2022-OCI-Runtimes.pdf,text:link}
<10min State of Podman Valentin Rothberg RedHat ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/1_runtime/1_2_State-of-Podman.pdf}
<10min State of Singularity David Trudgian Sylabs ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/1_runtime/1_3_State-of-Singularity.pdf}
<10min State of Sarus Alberto Madonna CSCS ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/1_runtime/1_4_Sarus-HPCW22.pdf}
<10min How to avoid filling up storage with snapshots? Jonathan Sparks HPE ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/1_runtime/1_5_runtime_snapshots.pdf}
<10min Runtime requirements for MPI/PMI(x) Josh Hursey IBM ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/1_runtime/1_6_MPI-PMIx.pdf}
10:20 <45min Community discussion (Q&A)
BREAK 11:00 30min Coffee Break


Segment Start Duration Title Speaker Affiliation Slides
Build 11:30 <10min Contrast build for enterprise with build for HPC Andrew Younge Sandia National Laboratories
<10min Build Tools (Spack/EasyBuild/HPCCM) Gregory Blum Becker Lawrence Livermore National Labs
<10min Container layers best-practices and pain-points Jonathan Sparks HPE ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/2_build/2_3_build_layers.pdf}
<10min Charliecloud's layer-free, git-based build cache Reid Priedhorsky LANL
<10min Singularity Image Format David Trudgian Sylabs ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/2_build/2_4_Trudgian_SIF_Image_Format.pdf}
<10min Software Bill Of Material and Scanning Holger Gantikow ATOS ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/2_build/2_5_2022_Gantikow_ISC-HPCW_SBOM.pdf}
<10min Useful annotations and labels for HPC Jonathan Sparks / Eduardo Arango HPE/RedHat ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/2_build/2_6_ISC2022_build_annotations_sparks_v2.pdf}
12:15 <10min Image Migration from CentOS to SLE BaseContainerImage Daniel Gruber UberCloud ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/2_build/2_7_Migration-from-CentOS-to-SLE-BaseContainerImage.pdf}
<10min Software Vendor Suported Images - 2022 Update Holger Gantikow ATOS ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/2_build/2_8_2022_Burak-Holger_ISC-HPCW_ISV.pdf}
<10min Best-practices for MPI Shane Canon Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
12:35 <30min Community discussion (Q&A)
BREAK 13:00 60min Lunch Break


Segment Start Duration Title Speaker Affiliation Slides
Distribution 14:00 <10min OCI Image/Distribution Spec Phil Estes AWS ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/3_distribute/3_1_OCI-Image-Dist-Spec.pdf}
<10min Distributing image layers/snapshots with CVMFS Radu Popescu CERN ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/3_distribute/3_2_cvmfs_for_container_images.pdf}
<10min Distribution Tools / Best-practise / Demo / inspect Valentin Rothberg RedHat ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/3_distribute/3_3_Skopeo.pdf}
<10min Metahub: Contextual Container Registry Proxy Christian Kniep QNIB Solutions ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/3_distribute/3_4_metahub.pdf}
14:30 <30min Community discussion (Q&A)

Orchestration / Scheduling

Segment Start Duration Title Speaker Affiliation Slides
/ Scheduling
15:05 <10min Enterprise Container Scheduling Christian Kniep QNIB Solutions ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/4_sched/0_enterprise_sched.pdf}
<10min Container Scheduling w/ Slurm Jonathan Sparks HPE ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/4_sched/2_orch_slurm_sparks_v1.pdf}
<10min Kubernetes and HPC Eduardo Arango RedHat
<10min Towards greater security in a multi-tenant DC CJ Newburn NVIDIA
<10min Workflow Scheduler Zoo (Argo, Airflow, ...) Jonathan Sparks HPE ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/4_sched/5_orch_workflow_sparks_v1.pdf}
<10min Data-intensive workflows at scale with Nextflow and Biocontainers Paolo Di Tommaso Seqera Labs ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/4_sched/6_nextflow.pdf}
<10min Using labels and annotation in schedulers Eduardo Arango RedHat
15:30 <30min Community discussion (Q&A)
BREAK 16:00 30min Coffee Break

HPC Specifics

Segment Start Duration Title Speaker Affiliation Slides
16:30 <10min Introduction Shane Canon Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
<20min Deep dive into PMI(x) Josh Hursey IBM ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/5_hpc/3_PMIx-Deep-Dive.pdf}
<10min AI/ML and HPC beyond MPI (Charm++, NCCL, PGAS) Shane Canon Lawrence Berkeley National Labs
<10min MPI translation layer WI4MPI Jonathan Sparks HPE ;;;ARTEFACT{src:pdf/5_hpc/5_ISC2022_HPC_WI4MPI_sparks_v1.pdf}
<10min HPC Device Integration & Retargetability CJ Newburn NVIDIA
<10min Are the OCI specs enough for HPC? Phil Estes/Eduardo AWS/RedHat
17:15 <45min Community discussion (Q&A)
END 18:00 Workshop closes

Workshop History